The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

Imagine your middle school is hosting a field trip to Washington DC for 5 days. You and your friends are very excited because this is a rare experience in your community, and who knows...this could be the trip that opens your eyes to something new. But, the trip will cost $2,500 and there are no scholarships available. The person in charge does her best to provide the little aid she can, but at best it may only shave off $200 or $300 off the total. You and your friends know that your families do not have that kind money. The only way they can come up with this money is by sacrificing rent and other expenses and you know that's not going to happen. At the end, you don't even bother asking, you already know this trip will never be more than just a dream for all of you.  

Now imagine you are an adult and have never left town. You have a very limited perspective on life because all you know is what you have experienced at home. You may find a job that pays the bills but it does not help express who you truly are. Some of your friends have now become drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, and some have died from their poor choices. You have had your close calls but have managed to some how avoid complete destruction. You want to do more with your life because you know deep down you can do more, but you are stuck in the habits, the mindset, the customs, the beliefs, the fears, and the lies your community has engraved into your brain. 

You can't help but imagine that if you and your friends were able to go on that field trip..."would life have been different for us? Would it have ignited the spark we needed to become the people we were meant to be? Could it have saved some of us from self destruction and even death?"

The butterfly effect states that "a small event can majorly influence events in the future." As insignificant as a trip may seem, it may be the event that influences the next generation of great leaders. If we want to continue to evolve as a society, it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to make sure that future generations have the resources they need to succeed. Not only are we providing the youth with opportunities and experiences, we are investing in the future success of our society. 

Click the link below and donate to the IBLV in You Foundation. Funds will go to give low income kids the opportunity to gain perspective, confidence, and compassion through travel.