“Transform” 12 Week Program

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If you are new to the gym and do not know where to start, this is the perfect program for you. If you go to the gym regularly but are not seeing the results you want because you continue to do the same routine, this is the perfect program for you. If you are an advanced athlete who is looking to build muscle and strength in order to be more successful in your sport, this is the perfect program for you. 

The “Build A Strong Base” fitness program is a 12 week program designed to help you build strength and muscle. I strongly believe that it is very important that everyone starts with building a solid foundation before venturing into a specific field of fitness, whether that is bodybuilding, crossfit, powerlifting, or specific sports training.


This program is split into 4 three-week phases. You will repeat the same workouts for three weeks. This allows your body enough time to adjust and build muscle and strength.

Phase 1: Rep range is between 12-15 reps which means lighter weight and more reps. You will not go any lower than 10 reps.

Phase 2: Rep range drops to the 8-10 range. There are a couple of exercises that go down to 6 reps. This means you are increasing your weights and decreasing your reps. 

Phase 3: Rep range goes back up to the 10-12 range. This phase is intended to be a recovery phase. You still want to push your limits and try to improve on your weights, but the weights should be on the lighter side and your reps should not fall below 8 reps. 

Phase 4: Rep range goes down to 4-6 reps. You are close to maxing out on this phase. Weights should be heavy since your reps will be very low. Be very conscious of form and make sure to listen to anything your body is telling you. Going heavy is important in your fitness evolution, but it can come with risk if you are not aware of your form and proper lifting mechanics.


Once you make your purchase, you will receive an invite to my app! Through the app you will see your workouts and you will be able to track your lifts. Below are the services I will be offering during your 12 week fitness journey:

  • One check-in a week (phone call, video chat, or in person)
  • Answer unlimited questions on programming (examples…modifications, program format, etc)
  • Provide constructive criticism on any exercises you have questions on. This will require you to video yourself at the gym performing the exercise you would like me to critique. 
  • Connect you to services and resources that will help you grow in your fitness journey


This 12 week fitness program is only $100. Not only do you get a program that will help you build muscle and strength, you will have access to my coaching and support for 12 weeks. I look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself. Let's start today!