Boss Collection

This is for the woman who is in control. People see her and instantly feel the need to respect her and do. Runs the show, is cool, and collected and gets the job done. Confident, never looks down. Demands respect and gets it.


Through IBLV we hope to do two things: inspire you to become the person you are meant to be, and to help the underserved members of our communites.

IBLV Code of Conduct

1. Respect and be kind to others no matter their race, color, religious beliefs, background, and sexual orientation.

2. Remain a student. Never claim you know it all for there is always more to learn.

3. Always choose love first, but also have the courage to stand your ground when not doing so endangers your safety or the safety of those around you.

4. Say “yes” more.

5. Be of service to others.

6. Constantly work on evolving physically, mentally, and spiritually.

7. Play more.

8. Speak your truth.

9. Be the hardest working person in the room.

10. Do not steal.